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Friday, March 6, 2015

Brand-new KitchenAid mixer for $250… 937-372-6010

Battery-operated lawnmower, with extra batteries, for $50; Black & Decker battery-operated weedeater for $20… 937-789-4723

Starter pistol for $20… 937-878-9318

6-month female Great Pyrenees pup for $100 obo; 3.5-yr old male Yorkie for $150… 937-217-1298

Rock River AR-15 .556 caliber rifle; Taurus 7-shot .357 magnum, with titanium cylinder… 937-206-8530

Stepside bed for 1985 Ford shortbed truck, with fiberglass fenders, for $250… 937-788-2853

2003 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster, 100th anniversary edition, with new tires and brakes, for $4200 obo… 937-376-3191 or 937-725-9740

1994 GMC 1500 half-ton truck, with some front end damage on passenger side, for $800… 513-348-9559

Sentry 30-gun safe for $150… 937-673-1904

1997 Lincoln 10-passenger stretch limo for $3000 obo… 937-214-0040

Four Goodyear tires, sized 265-75-17, for $100, or open to trade on single-shot shotgun or 22 rifle… 937-689-3303

Brand-new 10 cu ft trailer, for pull-behind tractor, for $75… 937-397-9769

On-Trike, tricycle for those with limited/no mobility in legs, like-new, for $250… 937-768-0405

Looking for 45- and 78-RPM records… 765-847-2649

Four-horse trailer, can also be used as slant three-horse trailer… 937-231-9637

Variety of muzzleloaders; variety of bows; 1993 Chevy Lumina, body damaged but mechanically sound; 18” chainsaw, with extra chain… 937-725-8608 or 937-382-1062

MineLabs professional metal detector, all digital, with all manuals, for $675, or open to trade on handgun or logsplitter… 513-846-1942

Over $1800 worth of gloves from a shop, all different types of gloves, selling whole collection for $900… 937-689-2106

Looking for Class-A motorhome; looking for Smith & Wesson or Colt handgun; looking for pit bull pup… 937-429-5760

Looking for various parts for 1968 Chevy shortbed truck, or for whole truck itself… 937-580-5149

Ceramic kennel; toolbox for back of truck; variety of firearms, including 380 pistol, 9mm pistol, 44/40 and AK rifles… 937-581-5063

Commercial tanning bed, 220v hookup, for $800, or open to trade; 18-ft tandem trailer, with electric winch, jack and own power source, for $2500; two 275-gal freestanding fuel barrels for $150 each… 937-718-0862

Looking for refrigerator… 937-602-1587

Square bales of hay for $3/bale… 937-685-6044

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